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John Whiteley, CPA
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How Customers Find Your Business on the Internet
How Customers find a business today
How to market to local business on the internet
Customers find local businesses by searching on Google and viewing ads on Facebook. Fewer people are using the phone book to contact a business. It is important to have your website ranking on the first page of the results of a customer Google Search. Plus a business should be allocating sufficient marketing dollars to effective Facebook ads and Google Ads..
“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. co-founder, chairman and CEO .
Choose your business niche carefully to ensure a reasonable return for your time and money. Watch out for level of competition, government regulations, capital investment requirements; direction of the consumer preferences your personal strengths and weaknesses. Be practical and get competent business coaching. Check out below, John Whiteley's comments about three profitable small business industries according to the Entrepreneur in 2016.

Understand the planning and control needed in your business!

Have Coffee with your Accountant and take Notes.

Reviews of the most popular small business accounting software applications have been collected for your viewing on our site. There may be multiple videos for one software. The different applications are displayed below. Click on any one image to go to the video review page. Be sure to read my article "Why an Entrepreneur Does Not Know the Best Accounting Software to Buy?"
QuickBooks Online Or QuickBooks Desktop
Business valuation can be a complicated process when using discounted cash flow calculations, net present values, net realizable values, etc. The assistance of an accountant and sometimes a Chartered Business Valuator may be required and can be expensive. In a lot of cases where "mom and pop" size businesses are involved, a rule of thumb value can be used by the potential seller or buyer. The following videos help explain these alternative methods of valuation.
Anyone can start and operate a successful small business. It takes dedication, hard work, getting the right business skills. Watch the success stories in the following videos and learn important traits in the character of the entrepreneurs.
A good business coach can mean the difference between success and failure for most small startups today; over 80% fail. Get the experience of a business coach on your team and help secure your investment and time.
TIM SZAKY President, TerraCycle, His story of "upcycling" people's trash and turning it into viable products has been covered by CNN, The New York Times, "20/20", the "Today" show and many more.
According to Thomas Edison, genius is one part inspiration and two parts perspiration. The same could be said of small business success, and Mark & Gerri Pollard's labor of love—Bread Euphoria—is a fine example.
cafe business success story
How are farming and white-collar work a lot alike, you may wonder? In either case, you can rent the space to make it happen. Matt Conver is part of a growing trend of young people who are leasing farmland from property owners.
See how two young entrepreneurs started a business of fixing broken iPhone screens and created more than 100 jobs through the help of
small business success story on opening a cherry grove
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The best time to find a job or start a business is when you have a job. Valerie Mason-Robinson, an engineer with a passion for skincare, went to night school to become accredited in delivering spa services while she kept her day job. Once certified, Valerie began working at a Marriott spa to learn the business first hand. Both steps prepared her well for the startup plunge! In addition to her own personal money, she raised capital from friends and family and obtained an SBA loan, all to enable the launch of her company, Eden Organix. Always looking to learn, Valerie continues her training at a nearby Small Business Development Center. These facilities (funded by the SBA) are available in all 50 states and provide a wide range of free training and resources. See what this smart and straight-talking woman has to say and check out her website if you want some of the best, all natural beauty products available!
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