100 Facebook Leads Captured In 10 Seconds

business opportunities
October 22, 2017

Business contact information can be detected by the APP included in the Builderall Platform.  This platform provides all the website building tools and marketing tools required by a small business person as well as an internet marketer. Watch the following video for a demonstration on how this works in the software.


Google to radically change homepage for first time since 1996

google to change home page
August 4, 2017

Search company to integrate its app-based feed of news, events, sports and interest-based topics into Google.com page in the near future Googles famously simple homepage with its logo and single search box on a white background is set to undergo a radical change for the first time since its launch in 1996, with the addition of Googles interest and news-based feed. The feed of personalised information, which has been a…


Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline

star wars hotel
August 2, 2017

AHHHHHHH. Disney just announced something thats potentially so damned cool that I hardly need complete sentences here: Immersive. Star Wars. Hotel. Details are still super light, but Disney just dropped this bombshell in the middle of its D23 expo down in Los Angeles. Heres what we know so far: All of the employees (or cast members, in Disney Park lingo) will be in costume and in character Each guest will…